Restricting or enabling a User's permission for viewing a specific Network in iMonnit Online

iMonnit Online allows the ability to restrict or enable a user from viewing specific sensor networks on your account. By default, a Standard User is not provided permission to view Networks on an account. This article provides the steps to designate which sensor networks you allow a user to view.

Summary of steps
Log into your iMonnit Online account from an Administrator user
Click the Users tab in the primary menu
Click the user for which you want to restrict network access
Click the Permissions tab (lock icon)
Click the Networks tab
Check/Uncheck the "Can See Network" checkbox for the networks you do not want viewable from the user's account
Click the Save button

Network Permissions for a User
End result
After checking/unchecking a Network in the Networks permissions list, permission to to see the gateways and sensors on that network will be granted/removed. It is worth noting that there are other permissions (such as Actions) which have account-wide permissions. But this configuration will disallow the user from viewing the unselected networks on the account.
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